Comparative assessment of environmental and regional impact from rice production

Naoki Yoshikawa, Ritsumeikan University
Koji Amano, Ritsumeikan University
Koji Shimada, Ritsumeikan University

Changing cultivation methodology (e.g. from conventional to organic) has impact not only on environment, but also on farm economy and regional economy. Farm economy change is derived from change of production cost and crop price. Regional economy change is caused by change in economic ripple effect by change of farm economy. This study compares the three impacts on sustainability (environment, economy, region) by several rice cultivation methodology in Japan and Thailand.

Japanese case study compares conventional rice and rice reduced 50% of chemical nitrogen. Thai case study compares conventional rice and organic rice. This study discusses the system boundary consistent with three impacts to conduce more reliable result. Structure of environmental load and economic cost are also compared with cultivation methodology and produced countries.