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Session chairs: Bradley Ridoutt and Nicholas Holden

The EU Organisation Environmental Footprint Sector Rules (OEFSR) Retailers pilot testing
  Simone Pedrazzini, Sebastien Humbert, Carole Dubois, Angela Adams, Agathe Grossmith, Pascal Léglise, Frederic Vermeiren, Steven Van Hemelryck, Hanna Schreiber, Romain Poivet, Martin Wildenberg, Kewin Comploi, Alessandra Zamagni, Paolo Masoni, Emilie Aubry - Presented by: Sarah Mandlebaum
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Moving from the ENVIFOOD Protocol to harmonized Product Category Rules and reference data: current and future challenges of the European Food Sustainable Consumption and Production Round Table
  Erwan Saouter, Christian Bauer, Coen Blomsma, Camillo De Camillis, Patricia Lopez, Lars Lundquist, Anna Papagrigoraki, David Pennington, Nicolas Martin, Urs Schenker, Řyvind Vessia
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Analysis of inconsistencies between Product Category Rules in the same supply chain – a case study of food PCRs
  Kristian Jelse, Filippo Sessa, Massimo Marino, Joakim Thornéus, Rita Schenck
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Democratization of Food Environmental Product Declarations, with a Beer Example
  Rita Schenck, Neil Huizenga, Seth Lalonde, Matt Leighton, Anna Nicholson
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