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Session chair: Assumpció Antón

Learnings from an FAO-led international process to develop LCA guidelines for small ruminants: A LEAP Partnership initiative
  Stewart Ledgard, Beverley Henry, Armelle Gac, Marc Benoit, Canagasaby Devendra, Chris Lloyd, Hans-Peter Zerfas, Jean-Baptiste Dollé, Felix Teillard, Carolyn Opio, Camillo De Camillis, Pierre Gerber
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Carbon footprint along the Ecuadorian banana supply chain: Methodological improvements and calculation tool
  Laura Roibás, Aziz Elbehri, Almudena Hospido
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Future Atmospheric CO2 Concentration and Environmental Consequences for the Feed Market: a Consequential LCA
  Henrik Saxe, Lorie Hamelin, Torben Hinrichsen, Henrik Wenzel
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Implications of alternative greenhouse gas metrics for life cycle assessments of livestock food products
  Stewart Ledgard, Andy Reisinger
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Biogas or feed –different pathways for selected food industry residues from a greenhouse gas perspective
  Mikael Lantz, Linda Tufvesson
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