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Global Perspectives

Session chairs: Imke de Boer and Leda Coltro

Life cycle assessment of the global food consumption
  Jannick Hoejrup Schmidt, Stefano Merciai
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Comparing global and product-based LCA perspectives on environmental impacts of low-concentrate ruminant production
  Christian Schader, Adrian Muller, Nadia El-Hage Scialabba, Judith Hecht, Mathias Stolze
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Synergies and trade-offs between the greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity performances of global livestock production
  Félix Teillard, Alessandra Falcucci, Pierre J. Gerber
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Challenges of comparing food and feed products from different countries of origin
  Maria Bystricky, Thomas Nemecek, Martina Alig, Gérard Gaillard
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Optimising land use and consumption of livestock products in the human diet with an increasing human population in the Netherlands
  Heleen R.J. van Kernebeek, Simon J. Oosting, Martin K. van Ittersum, Imke J.M. de Boer
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