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Session chairs: Thomas Nemecek and Imke de Boer

Accounting for uncertainty in the quantification of the environmental impacts of Canadian pig farming systems
  Stephen Mackenzie, Ilkka Leinonen, Neil Ferguson, Ilias Kyriazakis
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A novel approach to assess efficiency of land use by livestock to produce human food
  Herman Mollenhorst, Cindy Klootwijk, Corina van Middelaar, Hannah van Zanten, Imke de Boer
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Water availability footprint of dairy production in Northeast China
  Jing Huang , Ling Du, Bradley G. Ridoutt, Hai-Lin Zhang, Fu Chen
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Evaluation of beef sustainability in conventional, organic, and mixed crop-beef supply chains
  Farahnaz Pashaei Kamali, Miranda PM Meuwissen, Alfons GJM Oude Lansink
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