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Management & Policy 1

Session chairs: Bo Weidema and Claudine Basset-Mens

ONE TWO WE – Life cycle management in canteens together with suppliers, customers and guests
  Niels Jungbluth by video feed, Regula Keller, Alex König, Genevičve Doublet
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Why Practice Life Cycle Management? Case Study of the New Zealand Wine Industry
  Sarah J. McLaren, Elena Garnevska
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LCA as a tool for targeted GHG mitigation in Australian cropping systems
  Philippa Brock, Sally Muir, Aaron Simmons, Presented by: Jason Crean
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Assessing the materiality of various sustainability issues in the agrifood sector with LCA-based tools: 3 case studies
  Catherine Benoit Norris, Jon Dettling, Jean-Michel Couture, Gregory A. Norris, Julie Parent
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